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What we do best in cleaning services

Sanitization & Deodorization

We are expert in the Disinfection & destruction of pathogenic and other kinds of microorganisms

Car Wax & Polishing

We specializes in buffing and polishing of various car types

Soft Cloth Wash

Specializes in washing of cars of different kinds

Wheel & Tire Treatment

Our wheel and tire cleaning products take your car wash to the next level.

Car Care Products & Accessories

Sales of  car wash equipment and accessories  that can perform at top-notch quality.

House and Hall Cleaning

Services are also provided in terms of basic house and enviroment cleaning

Pest Control & Fumigation

fumigation and pest control in various houses, halls, schools and industries

Dryers & Vacums

Vaccum cleaning rendered

Car & Engine Wash

Servicing and washing of car body and engines

Industrial Cleaning

Operations in the field of industrial cleaning and setup are rendered

Services & Pricing Packages


  • Interior polish

Interior Detailing

  • Interior Full Detailing


  • Stain Remover

Basic washing

  • Basic Body Washing

Exterior Detailing

    • Exterior Wash
    • Ride-Thru Exterior Wash


  • wheel and Tire Polish


    • Full interior Wash
    • Vaccum Use


    • Engine Wash
    • Engine Polish


  • Car Diagnosis Center

  • Car Care Products  and Accessories Sales

  • Home Services

We are car washing company

Since 2013, our customers have enjoyed clean
cars and unique carwash experience.

At Batinezz Cleaning Service (BCS), washing a car goes beyond the process described above. Cleaning the car is not routine business. It’s an art. We call it ‘Car Detailing’

Our Detailing program looks at the best combination of cleaning tools most suited for the interior of your car. A full interior Detailing program includes vacuuming and shampooing the upholstery, carpet and floor mats, as well as cleaning the dash, console and vents. After cleaning, leather and vinyl dressings and fabric protection would be applied.

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12-hour service

Ensures 12 hours delivery on daily basics

Frequently Asked Questions

Q How to give car seats the needed attention?

Detailing the interior of your car is only complete when you have paid some attention to giving the seats a good scrub.
Depending on the type of seats your car comes with – leather or fabric – a few cleaning tips and tools would give your car seats that long lasting shine.
When dealing with fabric seats, first start off by vacuuming the seats to remove loose dirt. After that, lightly spray the seat with specific fabric and cloth cleaning solution such as (give examples of fabric cleaning solution).
After applying four or five sprays of fabric cleaner to the seat, immediately massage the area with a soft or medium stiff interior brush. This will do good to bring up the dirt to the surface, without hurting the integrity of the fiber. Avoid using stiff bristle carpet brushes as they tend to damage the fibers and cause the cloth to fray.

Q What are the tips for keeping your car spick and span nice and tidy?

Never wash a car that’s still warm, or has been sitting in direct sunlight for a while. Let the car cool down or you risk having the soapy water leave deposits from drying too fast.
Fill two buckets. Fill one bucket with warm water and add in a car-cleaning product rather than dish detergent or any household cleaner. Fill the other bucket with warm, clean water for rinsing.
Use a soft, clean chamois or sponge and work in long, smooth lines along the car’s surface. Do not go in circles as this can lead to swirls in your car’s finish.
Wash the sponge out thoroughly and frequently, and rinse only in your rinsing bucket to stop grit from the car getting lodged in the sponge. This dirt can easily score your finish and leave scratches, so make sure you keep your clean stuff clean.
When you rinse the car, use a hose and work top to bottom, to create a sheeting effect that works to improve lustre.
Allow the car to air dry. Do not drive it around until it’s dry as it will pick up dirt and debris more easily if it’s still wet.

Q Easy steps to clean car interiors

Here’s a quote from one car enthusiast who sees the business of cleaning the car not just as a routine exercise: “Regular vacuuming and dusting of your car’s interior is the best way to keep it looking good. Regular interior maintenance is EASY maintenance. However, surface cleaning alone is not enough. Two to three times a year you will need to detail the upholstery to keep it looking its best.”
Detailing the interior of your car starts with a proper identification of the materials used in the car because with the variety of materials used in modern cars, knowing what to detail and how to do it is not always a straightforward matter.

Q How often should you wash your car?

As a general rule, washing a car depends on the physical looks of the car. Is it dirty or not? If yes, then wash.Washing your car is extremely important. It prevents contaminants like dust, dirt, pollen, tree sap, bug guts, salt, air-borne pollutants from adhering to your vehicle. Many experts would tell you washing your car at least once a week is ideal. While that is reasonable, the frequency with which you wash your car depends a lot on our physical environment to which the car is subjected.

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Making Your Car look as good as New

Batinezz Cleaning Service (BCS) is a one-stop shop set up to give your car that Detailed wash. Our cleaning experts can take care of your car either in our shop or at the convenience of your home.
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